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Check out our new Black Life In America collection, designed to foster discussions and research related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. This multi-disciplinary resource supports the study of historical and current events. Access is available in the library or log in 24/7:


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Comprehensive coverage of the African American experience from the early 18th century to the present day. Sourced from more than 19,000 American and global news sources, including over 400 current and historical Black publications An easy-to-use online resource—updated daily— working toward social justice and racial equity.



From the early days of slavery to modern times, people of African descent have had a profound impact on American history. While many Black achievements are not covered in most textbooks, Black Life in America—a unique digital archive of news media—presents the broad sweep of African American history in ways no other online resource can match. By offering balanced coverage from diverse sources published across four centuries, this extraordinary product provides critical perspectives on the experiences of being Black in America. From Black-owned newspapers to mainstream publications, this primary source collection offers an expansive window into centuries of African American history, culture and daily life—as well as the ways the dominant culture has portrayed and perceived people of African descent. Packed with information unavailable elsewhere, Black Life in America is sourced from more than 19,000 American and global news sources, including over 400 African American publications. At a time when social justice is a prevalent topic, this three-part collection is an invaluable resource for exploring issues of equity, race, and related topics


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Start exploring our new digital resource. Gain multiple perspectives on the people, issues and events that shaped and continue to influence America’s conversations about diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. In this brief video, you’ll learn how to easily pinpoint information and use popular features.