Lockers, with locks provided, may be registered to students and faculty for an annual fee of $10.00.

To register a locker, please visit the Circulation counter on the 1st floor.

Locker Policies

  1. Only one locker/lock will be registered to each eligible patron.
  2. Locker/lock registrations are not transferable.
  3. Lockers/locks are issued on an annual cycle, beginning May 1st with an expiration date of May 31st.
  4. The patron's library record must be clear of all library fines/fees prior to registration for a locker/lock.
  5. The annual fee is $10.00, regardless of the date of registration.
  6. The renewal fee for a locker/lock is $10.00 per annual cycle.
  7. Refunds are not provided for early termination of lockers/locks.
  8. Locks not returned by the expiration date, May 31, will accrue a $10.00 fine.
  9. Lockers and locks not renewed or terminated by May 31st will have the lock removed, and the contents of the locker will be held in Circulation for 90 days, after which they will be transferred to University Police.
  10. The assigned lock must remain on the assigned locker at all times.
  11. Use of lockers and locks not registered by Circulation is prohibited. Unregistered locks will be removed, and contents of unregistered lockers will be removed and held in Circulation for 90 days, after which they will be transferred to University Police.
  12. Lockers are accessible during hours that the main library is open.
  13. A section of lockers is reserved for patrons with physically disabilities. Other patrons may be assigned a locker in the disabled section under the following provisions:
    1. All regular lockers are assigned
    2. A locker is available in the disabled section
    3. The patron will be reassigned to a regular locker when one becomes available
    4. The locker will be relinquished and the locker fee will be refunded if the locker is reassigned to a patron with disabilities and there are no regular lockers available
  14. Materials that may not be stored in lockers include:
    1. Non-checked out library materials
    2. Perishable food
    3. Hazardous materials
  15. Lockers will be periodically searched by library staff. Non-checked out library materials will be returned to the shelves. Perishable food will be disposed of. Hazardous items will be immediately transferred to University Police. The lock-holder will be notified by mail and locker privileges may be terminated. A second occurrence will result in termination of locker privileges.
  16. The library is not responsible for theft of or damage to items in lockers.