Subject Name Email Schedule Appointment
Accounting Sarah Blakeslee
Agriculture Patrick Newell
Anthropology Pamela Nett Kruger
Art and Art History George Thompson
Biological Sciences Patrick Newell
Business Information Systems Sarah Blakeslee
Chemistry and Biochemistry Patrick Newell
Child Development Pamela Nett Kruger
Civil Engineering Sarah Blakeslee
Communication Arts & Sciences Marc Langston
Comparative Religion & Humanities George Thompson
Computer Science Sarah Blakeslee
Construction Management Sarah Blakeslee
Education Irene Korber
Electrical & Computer Engineering Sarah Blakeslee
English George Thompson
Finance Sarah Blakeslee
Geography William Cuthbertson
Geological & Environmental Sciences Patrick Newell
History George Thompson
International Languages, Literatures & Culture George Thompson
Journalism & Public Relations Marc Langston
Kinesiology Irene Korber
Liberal Studies Irene Korber
Management Sarah Blakeslee
Marketing Sarah Blakeslee
Mathematics & Statistics Marc Langston
Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing Sarah Blakeslee
Media Arts, Design, & Technology Marc Langston
Multicultural & Gender Studies Pamela Nett Kruger
Music & Theatre George Thompson
Nursing Marc Langston
Nutrition & Food Science Patrick Newell
Philosophy George Thompson
Physics Patrick Newell
Political Science & Criminal Justice William Cuthbertson
Psychology Pamela Nett Kruger
Public Health & Health Services Admin Marc Langston
Recreation, Hospitality & Parks Management Irene Korber
Science Education Irene Korber
Social Science Programs William Cuthbertson
Social Work William Cuthbertson
Sociology William Cuthbertson
Undergraduate Education William Cuthbertson