Books, media, maps, reserve items, and technology are checked out at Circulation on the 1st Floor next to the library exit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Students Faculty Staff Other Users
Books May borrow May borrow May borrow May borrow[1]
Nonprint Media May borrow May borrow May borrow May borrow[1]
Technology Items May borrow May borrow May borrow May not borrow
Maps May borrow[2] May borrow[2] May borrow[2] May not borrow
Reserve Items May borrow May borrow May borrow May borrow
Periodicals May not borrow[2] May borrow May not borrow[2] May not borrow
Government Documents May borrow May borrow May borrow May borrow[3]
  1. Book and media checkouts are available to patrons with a Nonaffiliated User (NAU) or Courtesy Card.
  2. With special permission.
  3. Anybody with a California driver's license or DMV identification card and Social Security number can check out Government Documents.

The following groups can use their campus ID to borrow:

Group ID Type
Students (including CDOE, Open Univ., ALCI) CSU, Chico student ID
Faculty CSU, Chico faculty ID
Staff CSU, Chico staff ID
ElderCollege CSU, Chico student ID
60 Plus CSU, Chico student ID
Emeritus Faculty CSU, Chico emeritus faculty ID
Retired Faculty/Staff CSU, Chico retired faculty/staff ID

Other groups may be able to borrow with a Courtesy Card or a Non-affiliated User (NAU) card.

Due dates can be viewed in your circulation account, and are sent to your email. Due dates may be stamped in the back of some items.

Books, Gov Docs
Students: 8 weeks with one 8 week auto-renewal
Faculty & Staff: 1 year from the date of checkout
Courtesy card and NAU card holders: 21 days
Popular Books
3 weeks with one 3 week renewal.
Nonprint Media
7 days
Reserve Materials
2 hours or 24 hours, depending on the item. Items may be renewed at Circulation by the person who originally checked out the item(s).
Adapters & cables
4 hours
4 hours
4 hours
4 hours
7 days
7 days
Other equipment
3 days

There is no limit to the number of books or nonprint media items you can check out at one time.

Reserve items are limited to two items checked out at one time.

All items may be renewed as often as needed at Circulation provided they are not needed for reserve.

Anything except Reserve items may be renewed one time from your circulation account. After the first renewal each item will need to be brought in to be renewed. Overdue items cannot be renewed online.

Reserve items may be renewed in person, and only by the patron who originally checked out the item. A reserve item cannot be renewed if another patron is waiting for the item.

When an item should be on the shelf but cannot be located, a search may be requested at Circulation. You will be notified if the item is found.

If an item is checked out, you can place a resource sharing (interlibrary loan) request electronically through the library catalog by clicking on the Request button, or in person at Circulation. When the item arrives in the library, you will be notified and the item will be held at Circulation.

Books & Media
No fine
Reserve Items
$1.00 per hour to a maximum of $50.00
Technology Items
$10.00 per day to a maximum of $70.00
$10.00 per day to a maximum of $500.00

For reserve items, and all technology items (except those that circulate for 4 hours): A bill for replacement costs plus overdue fines will be issued when the maximum fine has been reached.

For main collection, nonprint items, and technology that circulates for 4 hours: A bill for non-returned items will be issued 6 days after the due date. The bill is for replacement cost only. No fine is applied.

Paying Charges

You may pay by check, credit, debit, Wildcat card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay at Circulation. We also accept credit card payments by phone.

You may mail a check payable to CSUC at:

California State University, Chico
Meriam Library - Circulation
400 W 1st St
Chico, CA 95929-0295

Please include your university ID number on the check.

Library circulation services are blocked when overdue fines and/or fees reach $5.00.

University registration and transcripts are blocked when overdue fines and/or fees reach $30.00.

These restrictions are removed when billed items have been returned or the financial obligation has been paid.

Lost or stolen ID cards must be reported immediately to Circulation. Items checked out on an ID card that is not reported lost or stolen within 24 hours will be charged to the patron's account.