Accessibility Resources

Meriam Library encourages students, staff and faculty with disabilities to use all library services and materials. If you have any questions, please contact us. You will need your Wildcat card for some of these services.

Extended Loan Period

Extended loan period is available for items in the main book collection. All materials are checked out at Circulation in the Main Lobby.

Accessible Reserve Materials

Reserve materials are accessible for courses with students that are registered with Accessibility Resource Center. When ARC notifies the library that there is a need for accessibility, print reserve materials can be converted in the Assistive Technology Center on the first floor.

Assistance with Library Materials

For assistance with retrieving library materials (books, etc), contact Circulation (1st floor).

Photocopying & Printing

Rapid Graphics Copy Center (2nd floor) offers a copier on a lowered platform for wheelchair access. To accommodate other patrons with disabilities, the Copy Center will make copies. For large jobs the patron may leave the order (with specific directions on what to copy and a Campus ID/Wildcat card or other method of payment) and pick up the material later.

The Assistive Technology Center

The Assistive Technology Center is located on the 1st floor in the computer lab. The staff at the Lab Help Desk can assist users with disabilities with specialized applications. The following table describes the adaptive technology available in the library.

Assistive Technologies

Item Use Location
Jaws Windows-based screen reader Assistive Technology Center (1st Floor)
Kurzweil (with scanner) Scans and reads documents Assistive Technology Center (1st Floor)
Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech recognition software Assistive Technology Center (1st Floor)
Screen magnification software Software for enlarging text
  • Assistive Technology Center (1st Floor)
  • All computer labs (1st, 2nd, and 4th floors)
Wheelchair height computer tables Wheelchair access to computer
  • Assistive Technology Center (1st Floor)
  • All computer labs (1st, 2nd, and 4th floors)

Basement Access (Room 027b)

Students registered through the Accessibility Resource Center with classes in the library basement are eligible for card access to use the elevator to attend a course held in the basement. Arrangements are made through ARC. Only the elevator on the far right (north) has the sensor to get to the basement. Ask for assistance at the Circulation counter.

Patrons without a card from ARC should inquire at the Circulation counter regarding access to the basement.

Elevator Malfunction

If you are in the library, please notify Circulation that the elevator or card is not working. Building Management staff will use the freight elevator to take the patron to the basement. The staff member will ask when the patron needs to be taken up to the main floor.

If you are in the basement but cannot page the elevator, go to the nearest office, the Technology and Learning Program, and ask the staff to contact Circulation or Building Management. In the event a Building Management staff person is not available, the student will need to call 911 University Police for assistance.

Emergency Evacuation Instructions

In the event of a library evacuation, the Library Evacuation Team conducts a sweep of the entire building advising all patrons that an evacuation is in progress. All patrons are advised to exit the building immediately utilizing the closest emergency exit/stairwell. In the event that a patron on an upper floor is unable to exit using the stairs, they are encouraged to go to one of the areas of evacuation and wait for emergency personnel to assist in their evacuation. However, if the elevators are operational, the patron can opt to utilize the elevator providing they do not have to wait for an elevator car to arrive at their floor. If the button is pushed, and no car is immediately available, they must be escorted to an area of evacuation. Someone from the library will remain with the patron in the area of evacuation until such time as emergency personnel arrive to assist them.