NEW! Self-checkout stations for books!

Meriam Library is delighted to launch TWO new self-checkout stations located on the First floor, across from the Circulation Desk!

These self-contained machines use smart cloud technology to checkout and desensitize books. Simply scan your Wildcat ID, follow the prompts on the kiosk, scan the barcode, and desensitize your books. Watch our IG tutorial on how to use this neat feature!

Full instructions are below:

Furniture Update!

The past week floors 2 and 3 have been closed to receive new furniture. Monday was very productive, with a truck of new furniture arriving, movers to move it in, people to assemble what arrived. We also had old furniture removed on Monday and Tuesday.


Get Inspired 2022

Inspired is the celebration of research and creative activity. This event is co-presented by Meriam Library and Chico State Enterprises.

The much anticipated, Inspired 2022 event will be modified for Spring 2022 with a virtual presentation and in person exhibit in the Meriam Library recognizing faculty publications, creative activities, and campus awards on April 6, 2022 at 3:30p.m. - 5:00p.m.

Author Publishing Charges (APCs) California State University / Elsevier Renewal Announcement

In 2020, Elsevier and California State University (CSU) entered into a pilot agreement, which provided CSU researchers with access to Elsevier journals and supports open access publishing. When publishing in applicable Elsevier journals, CSU authors can choose to publish open access at no additional cost to the author. In other words, authors can publish OA for free since all Article Publishing Charge (APC) fees are waived under this agreement.

New Charging Lockers!

If you get easily distracted by your phone, Meriam Library has a neat new tool that will keep your device secure while you study!  

Meriam De/Stress Fest will kick off December 1st!!

The fall 2021 semester is creeping to a close, and Meriam Librarians have been working behind the scenes to plan an excellent #MeriamDeStressFest!

Starting December 1st and continuing through the end of "Dead Week" on December 10th, we have a variety of self-help and self-care activities to keep you balanced and focused for finals.

Calendar of Events