In 2020, Elsevier and California State University (CSU) entered into a pilot agreement, which provided CSU researchers with access to Elsevier journals and supports open access publishing. When publishing in applicable Elsevier journals, CSU authors can choose to publish open access at no additional cost to the author. In other words, authors can publish OA for free since all Article Publishing Charge (APC) fees are waived under this agreement. For more information about the agreement itself, see the Elsevier Agreement Page. Details from previous participation and this continuing agreement can be found on the California State University / Elsevier Renewal Announcement for 2022-2024.



  • Increase visibility and access to your work. 

  • Get it into the hands of researchers in less privileged universities/countries.

  • APC = Article Publishing Charge. It can be a couple thousand dollars depending on the journal. This is the main barrier for many faculty to publish OA b/c they don’t (understandably!) want to pay even more $$ to get their article published.



Corresponding authors must be affiliated with the CSU. 

This includes faculty, students, staff, etc.



Manuscripts that are submitted between Jan 1, 2022 - Dec 31, 2024



Journal Types

  1. Subscription only - They don’t mess with OA at all. Bummer. Most restrictive. 

  2. Hybrid - Offers both Subscription and OA options!

  3. OA - Free and open for all. All the time, every time.


Check if your journal is eligible - Start typing, and select from dropdown. Don’t paste in. Otherwise might not show up! Most journals nowadays are Hybrid.

Peer-reviewed works eligible for the waiver include: case reports; data; full length articles; microarticles; original software publications; practice guidelines; protocols; review articles; replication studies; short communications; short surveys; video articles. It does not cover editorials or other types of publications that are not subject to peer review.


For more information contact Pamela Kruger