The Meriam Library is excited to announce a new class for Fall 2021: Introduction to Undergraduate Research (LIBR 130)

The course is designed to prepare students for later academic coursework by introducing them to the kinds of assignments the will see in upper division classes: annotated bibliographies, citation crafting, literature reviews, data creation and visualization, academic poster presentations, etc.  Around these assignments, they are given information about and exposure to the kinds of materials they will encounter in college research: journal articles and monographs (books), obviously, but also government information, trade journals, white papers, dissertations, etc.  It’s a holistic view of what it means to do research at the undergraduate level so that students have a clear path to success through later years.  In the long run, it also allows disciplinary faculty to prepare for students who are more familiar with academic coursework within the disciplines: the lower stakes introductions in LIBR 130 build space for faculty to create more complicated approaches to assignments for students further along in their majors.

Add this class to your schedule now! Contact William Cuthbertson ( for more information or questions.

MWF 10:00-10:50AM
In Person, On Campus
Instructor: Asst. Lib. William Cuthbertson