The University Police Department has offered to station Community Service Officers (CSO) on the second floor of the library, and the library administration has complied. The CSOs will supplement the library student workforce, bringing new possibilities to help the library with various student worker tasks.

When will CSOs be on duty?

CSOs will cover the evening shift, from 6pm - midnight.

Where will the CSOs station be located?

On the second floor at the top of the stairs, next to the Wildcat Computing desk.

Who are the CSOs? 

The Community Service Officers are all Chico State students and they are all Criminal Justice majors. The CSO role is a paid internship with the University Police Department.

Will the CSOs presence change the protocol for reporting safety issues?

No. CSOs will provide direct communication with the UPD or other safety teams to the library, and we will benefit from knowing about campus safety issues faster than before. They can also provide onsite support and offer quicker responses for library building management in case of an emergency.