NEW! Self-checkout stations for books!

Meriam Library is delighted to launch TWO new self-checkout stations located on the First floor, across from the Circulation Desk!

These self-contained machines use smart cloud technology to checkout and desensitize books. Simply scan your Wildcat ID, follow the prompts on the kiosk, scan the barcode, and desensitize your books. Watch our IG tutorial on how to use this neat feature!

Full instructions are below:

Furniture Update!

The past week floors 2 and 3 have been closed to receive new furniture. Monday was very productive, with a truck of new furniture arriving, movers to move it in, people to assemble what arrived. We also had old furniture removed on Monday and Tuesday.


Math and Writing Tutors now on Popular Books Bridge

The Math Learning Lab is open for drop-in Math tutoring Monday - Thursday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and Sundays from 3:00 - 6:00 p.m. Tutors are available to help with homework questions and test prep. All of our math tutors are highly competent students with faculty recommendations who are trained to provide small-group peer support.

New Charging Lockers!

If you get easily distracted by your phone, Meriam Library has a neat new tool that will keep your device secure while you study!  

New Lockers for 24/7 pickup of requested books!

Meriam Library has acquired a block of LuxerOne lockers to facilitate 24/7 pickup of library books requested via OneSearch.  If you request a book from Meriam Library, you will receive an email from LuxerOne ( letting you know you have an item ready for pickup.  The email notification will i

Visit a Meriam Library Zoom Zone!

If you are looking for room to spread out during your Zoom format classes, look no further than Meriam Library’s 2nd and 4th floors.  We have set up large tables on these floors to help you fit your laptop, books, and materials while you’re zooming in to your online fall semester courses.

Overdue and Lost Email Notice

The library sends out notices to inform patrons of which titles they have out. Overdue items are considered lost if they are not returned after 12 days. If you still have items that were marked as lost, you may either return them or contact circulation to extend your due date.

All items are charged replacement fee when they are declared lost.  Replacement fees are waived upon return.  Overdue fines are not waived but are only applied to reserve and technology items.

CSU Statement on Textbooks in the Library

The 23 California State University Libraries share the statement below as articulating the constraints we face in providing service to the students that is our mission.  While the Affordable Learning Solutions initiative promotes the adoption of low or no cost materials, students may still find themselves unable to pay for essential reading.  When instruction is on campus, libraries can provide short-term access to textbook and other resources through course reserves.