Roper Center iPoll

Have you ever needed to know how many people recycle or what the public opinion on crime is?  Well, now you can find it!  A new database provided to the University and Meriam Library by the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences and overseen by the Political Science Department offers historical and current poll data in the Roper Center for Public Opinion Research Database, iPoll.  Poll data is collected from several public opinion providers including Associated Press, CNN, Gallup, New York Times, Pew Research Center, Time Magazine, USA Today, Wall Street Journal and more.

Data Access
Whether you're interested in analyzing social trends, finding answers to individual questions or conducting more detailed secondary analysis, chances are you'll find it in the data archives at the Roper Center.

With the Roper Center iPoll Data you can find current poll data such as:

How many people approve of how President Obama is handling his job? (47% Approve, 50% Disapprove; 3% No opinion)

How many people consider themselves pro-choice?  (52% Strongly pro-life; 13% Somewhat pro-life; 11% Somewhat pro-choice; 21% Strongly pro-choice; 3% Don’t know/Refused)

How many people thought they would watch a romantic comedy on Valentine’s Day? (11% Very likely; 22% Somewhat likely; 21% Not too likely; 46% Not at all likely; <.5% Don’t know/Refused)

Historic data back to 1935 such as: What did people think about sending troops to Europe in 1950? (36% Approve; 56% Disapprove; 8% Don’t Know)[iv] Did people think that facts about communism and socialism should be taught in schools in 1936? (62% Yes; 38% No)

In 1985, did people believe that the reported UFO’s were actually from other civilizations?  (43% True; 57% False)

In addition, charts and SPSS data are provided! In 1957 how many people thought that the the top speed of an automobile should be 65 MPH? Poll question: REQUIRE AUTOMOBILE MANUFACTURERS TO BUILD CARS WITH A TOP SPEED NOT OVER 65 MILES PER HOUR?   Gallup Poll (AIPO), Jun, 1957  

Over 60% call it a good idea

Gallup Poll (AIPO), Jun, 1957. Retrieved Mar-20-2013 from the iPOLL Databank, The Roper Center for Public Opinion Research, University of Connecticut.

              To access the Roper iPoll database, go to Databases A-Z  or go directly to the iPoll Database You do not need an account to search and view questions, answers and charts.  An account is needed to download full sets of questionnaires and SPSS data.  An account can be created by clicking the "Sign in" link in the database.  It is important to use your CSU Chico email address to create an account. For questions or assistance with this resource, contact Jodi Shepherd.