‘Mindsets for Success’ Workshop

The Meriam Library will be hosting a workshop sponsored by the Student Learning Center and the Meriam Library's Information Literacy Program on the topic of "Mindsets for Success". The workshop, led by M.E. Matthews (Mathematics and Statistics) and Kevin Klipfel (Meriam Library), will be held on Thursday February 11 from 4-4:50pm in MLIB 226. All Chico State students are invited to attend.

Workshop Description:

A 'growth' mindset is the belief that intelligence, talents, and abilities can be developed through strong effort, successful strategies, and feedback and assistance from others.

In this workshop students will identify academic, social, and personal areas where they might be limiting themselves because of perceived lack of ability, and brainstorm strategies and identify resources to support their development in these areas.

For questions about the workshop please contact Kevin Klipfel (kklipfel@csuchico.edu).