Google and Beyond: Locating Credible Information for Research

The Meriam Library will be hosting a workshop sponsored by the Student Learning Center and the Meriam Library’s Information Literacy Program on the topic of “Google and Beyond: Locating Credible Information for Research”. The workshop, led by Jodi Shepherd and Kevin Klipfel of the Meriam Library, will be held on Tuesday February 9 from 4-4:50pm in MLIB 226. All Chico State students are invited to attend.

Workshop Description:

Finding credible information and incorporating it into research is an essential skill required for successful college-level work.

In this workshop students will engage in hands-on learning exercises where they will locate and evaluate information for specific purposes within the research process. The workshop will help students think critically about information by having students examine different aspects of the research process and the most appropriate search strategies for those contexts. Specifically, we will look at: What kinds of credible research information are available on Google? When may Google be the best source of credible information for you to use for research? What kinds of credible research information is available through the Chico State library? When is the library the best place to find credible information to use for research?

For questions about the workshop please contact Kevin Klipfel (