Use: How do I incorporate this primary source into my research project?

Some questions students will learn to answer

  • Can I ethically use this source?
  • Do I need permission to use or reproduce source materials?
  • How do I correctly refer to this source and what is the necessary citation information needed?
  • How do I present this information in my research paper?

Learning objectives this module will address

  • Practice synthesizing source information into a research argument.
  • Use appropriate tools and techniques to track research materials.
  • Correctly cite primary source documents in a variety of formats.
  • Understand how to obtain necessary copyright, reproduction, or publication permissions.

Sample exercises that may be used in this module

  • My Hometown: discovering and citing sources from Calisphere.
  • From paragraph to footnote and back. Exercise in integrating source material in paper writing.
  • Dear Library: exploring the rights and permissions process. Learning institutional practices for the use of archival materials.
  • Using Zotero for research and collaboration. Practice in developing and sharing group resources.