Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm
MLIB 252 Library Presentation Room

Chico State Student Organizations

At Chico State, Today Decides Tomorrow. The Meriam Library Special Collections and University Archives department recognizes student narratives are underrepresented in Meriam Library. We want to remedy this information and knowledge gap, today, so students’ perspectives will be present in the Archives, tomorrow. Student’s experiences at Chico State, both inside and outside the classroom, are an important part of the campus history.

By implementing the Chico Archives Toolkit (CAT) project Special Collections will document the power of the student experience in the development of this campus. We are actively seeking to create a robust, contextually rich history of the Chico State Experience- a tapestry woven together of multiple perspectives and narratives.

Through the CAT project, we hope to increase student engagement with records creation by increasing student awareness of their role as records creators, cultural workers, and historical participants on the Chico State campus. By participating in this program, students will gain valuable records management life skills to carry forward.

Meriam Library Special Collections & University Archives has put together the Chico Archives Toolkit (CAT) to help your group:

  • gather

  • organize

  • preserve campus history

Attend our free CAT workshop to receive:

  • a free flash drive

  • acid-free folders and a lignin-free box suitable for long term storage of print materials

  • best practices and skills to preserve materials from University Archives Staff and support from Student Life & Leadership.

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