Library Staff Guided

Meriam Library frequently receives inquiries from off-campus groups interested in library tours. These groups include K-12 school groups (private and public), community college groups, and senior citizen groups. If you’re interested in a tour of the library, please contact Emily Amarel at or (530) 898-6658.

Special Collections inquiries can be directed to Ryan Browar at


While our library is a public institution and welcomes visitors, we may not always have the staff or resources to lead guided tours for off-campus groups. Teachers or group leaders will need to conduct their own tour. Feel free to download the self-guided tour pamphlet, or click on the images below to access self-guided tour material.

Self-guided tour, first floor map.

First Floor
Self-guided tour, second floor map.

Second Floor
Self-guided tour, third floor map.

Third Floor
Self-guided tour, fourth floor map.

Fourth Floor