Raspberry Pi is a compact computer that plugs into a monitor and can use a mouse and keyboard. Prior knowledge must be obtained before attempting to work with a Raspberry Pi, but documentation can be found online.

Necessary Items (not provided)

  • The user must come ready with a micro-sd card.
  • The micro-SD card must also have installed one of the various operating systems the can run on a Raspberry Pi. There are many guides online as to how to do this and instruction for formatted the SD card can be different between operating systems. Here’s a link to the official guide: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/installation/installing-images/
  • After that, you need a screen that can support an HDMI cable. A converter to HDMI should work just as well.
  • A mouse and a keyboard will also be needed
  • A wall outlet to use with the power source will also be needed.

How to Turn On the Raspberry Pi

  • The user must first insert the micro-SD into the underside slot on the Raspberry pi.
  • Once the Micro-SD is locked into place, attach the HDMI cable to the board and screen.
  • Then attach the keyboard and mouse into any of USB slots found on the Raspberry pi.
  • Finally plug in your power source to the appropriate slot on the Raspberry Pi and plug the other end into the wall
  • The operating system should start right away and the board can begin to be programmed.
Loan Period: 
3 days
You can check this out from: 
1st floor Circulation Desk
Lost/Damaged Equipment Fee: