Study Areas

Collaborative and solo study areas are sprinkled throughout Meriam Library, on all four floors. The third floor is for silent study, and groups on all floors should be mindful to not disturb others around them.

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Group Study Rooms

Group study rooms contain large tables and whiteboards, and are appropriate for group collaboration. Net Study Rooms are group study rooms equipped with a computer and large display. You may be asked for your university ID to verify that you are a student.

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Library Presentation Room

The Library Presentation Room is a small mock classroom, outfitted with the same equipment and software as some of our campus' smart classrooms. Become familiar with the equipment before you take the stage in the classroom, record yourself while speaking with the ceiling mounted microphone and video camera, then see and hear what your audience will by playing back the video (or burn to your own disc).

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Frequently Asked Questions

In order to reserve a room you must be a current CSU, Chico student with a or email address.

Please make sure you have your student ID with you.  The student who reserves the room must be present or the reservation will be forfeited.

Rooms are available in 50 minute blocks, with a maximum of two reservations per day per student.

If you do not arrive within 10 minutes after your reservation time, your reservation may be cancelled and the room made available to other students.

Students who do not show up and fail to cancel may be prohibited from future reservations.

Only CSU, Chico students with a or email address and a valid Student ID may reserve one of the rooms. The student who reserves the room must be present.

  1. Search for a room using the filters above, then click on the Make a Reservation button.
  2. Click on the desired time block (Note, you can book up to two 50 minute time periods per day), then click the Continue tab.
  3. Enter the required "Booking Details" and click "Submit my booking". (Note, only and emails will be accepted for room reservations). You will receive an email from

You always need a reservation to use the rooms. However, if a room is available you may make a reservation on the spot and immediately use the rooms. If the rooms are reserved but nobody arrives within 10 minutes, library staff may cancel the existing reservation and assist you in reserving the room.

With the exception of the Library Presentation Room (252), all Net Study and Group Study rooms remain unlocked. The Conference Room (227) is unlocked when not in use by library staff, after 5pm weekdays and all day on weekends. If you have a reservation for the Library Presentation Room (252), a library staff member will meet you at the door to let you in.

To cancel a reservation request, use the "cancel this booking visit" link in your confirmation email. If you fail to cancel your reservation you may be prohibited from making future reservations.

No food or beverages are allowed in the Conference Room (227) or the Presentation Room (252). For all other rooms, please use your best judgment and avoid any greasy foods or items that may leave a lingering odor.  Beverages should be in a spill-proof container and kept away from equipment.