Library Curricula

The following curricula, authored or co-authored by faculty at Meriam Library, are available under creative commons license for widespread use in the classroom.  If you would like to know more about CSUC's information literacy instruction program, or if you would like assistance writing or teaching assignments relating to information literacy and library research, please contact a member of the Research, Instruction, and Outreach department or visit our page, Research Instruction in Information Literacy.

To request library instruction for your class, please Schedule Research Instruction using our Web site.

Annotated Source Sheet (for articles) by W. Cuthbertson with B. Markowski.

This two-sided handout details the process of preparing write an APA citation and authoring evaluative annotated bibliography entries by breaking down the entries as responses to three specific questions about the article.  Related materials.

Annotated Source Sheet (for books/book chapters) by W. Cuthbertson with B. Markowski.

Same as listed above, providing a frame of reference for authoring APA citations and annotations for books or book chapters.  Related materials.

How to Write a Research Question by W. Cuthbertson.

Description to come.

Unearthing Your Topic by W. Cuthbertson.

Description to come.