This policy defines the nature of the CSU Chico Meriam Library exhibits/display cases and Question of the Week (QOTW) and the procedures governing these exhibitions.


Meriam Library Marketing and Outreach Committee oversees the exhibits/displays, and QOTW that are in the library, except exhibit cases housed in the Special Collections research room. Exhibits/Displays and QOTW are student-focused, with the intent of highlighting our diverse campus and community, as well as library generated themes.as well as promoting the Meriam Library Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan.


The Exhibits/Display Case/QOTW Committee is comprised of Library faculty and staff, and oversees all exhibits/displays and QOTW, including making decisions related to space, content, and installation; reviewing and approving proposals; seeking out exhibit ideas, creating an exhibits calendar, and managing exhibit/white board supplies.

Criteria and guidelines for selection:

The following criteria are considered when exhibit proposals are submitted:

  • Educational content and scholarly contributions.
  • Appropriateness of subject to the mission of the library.
  • Appropriateness to special events, anniversaries, holidays, etc.
  • Satisfies public safety considerations and community sensibilities.
  • Content meets Meriam Library exhibit policy and guidelines. The library retains the right to determine the suitability of any proposed exhibit.

Additional guidelines

  • Exhibitors must submit copies of all representative works to be displayed (digital or printed), at least 2 weeks in advance of the proposed exhibit run.
  • Any costs incurred are the responsibility of the exhibitor.
  • Meriam Library staff will work with the exhibitor when setting up exhibit.
  • Exhibit opening and closing, installation and de-installation must be presented and agreed upon by library and exhibitors.

Publicity and promotion

  • All advertising must include the name of the sponsoring group(s), a contact person and an email address for more information and must be posted with the display.
  • The exhibitor will give permission to the library to photograph exhibits and place on library social media outlets.


Due to the open nature of the Library’s public spaces, neither the University nor the Library can assume responsibility for the security of exhibit items.

Display Cases

  • Opening and closing of cases will only be done by library staff. At least 1 week notice must be made to library staff to access cases.
  • Posters, pictures, etc., are not to be taped to the Plexiglas, or exhibit walls. Non-marking tape will be provided.
  • Nails are not to be used in the cases.
  • No electronics or appliances may be used.
  • No food may be used as part of an exhibit.
  • Displays with humans are not allowed.
  • Within each exhibit case, there must be a card identifying the exhibitor and exhibit.
  • All of the display must be within the cases, nothing outside the case, on top or on an adjacent wall.