Meriam Library and Wildcat Display Policy

In furthering its educational mission, the Meriam Library maintains a program of exhibits and displays. The content and workmanship of exhibits should be of good quality, in keeping with the Meriam Library's educational and cultural mission. Meriam Library supports all campus and community groups’ right to express their opinions, and aims to create a safe place for appropriate display of controversial topics. However, displays in Meriam Library are prepared by and reflect the opinions, interests, and efforts of individual University persons or organizations or members of the wider community. No official University or Meriam Library endorsement is expressed or implied. Please note that questions and/or concerns will be directed to the campus or community organization.

Library Display Case Reservations

Meriam Library has priority in reserving the cases for displaying information about its collections.  If you are interested in reserving the cases, you can check the Promotions Display Calendar to see available dates and available cases. The display cases are on a first-come-first-serve basis. Ideally, we would like to schedule the cases at least thirty calendar days prior to your date of interest, however exceptions may be made. 


If you would like to reserve the display cases, please submit the Meriam Library Display request form.

Partnerships for Meriam Library displays are subject to interest and availability. After acceptance, a library employee will work with you to complete the display.

Meriam Library has three display cases that are available for on-campus offices, staff, and faculty to reserve. Additionally, there are two display cases which can be reserved by student organizations, the Wildcat Display Cases. Only one case may be reserved at a time by one person/office, for a maximum time period of one calendar month.


Display requests will be considered on the following basis, where preference will be given:

  • To library-related displays and themes.
  • To displays that enhance the campus environment for diverse populations.
  • To displays for designated heritage months.
  • To displays that promote campus events and activities.


Library Display Case Locations

  • The mobile display cases can be placed in one of four locations: the second floor, third floor or the fourth floor, outside of the elevators, or in the first floor in the Research Commons. Display cases are not permitted to leave the building.
  • The Wildcat Display (student display) cases are located on the 4th floor of the library facing the Juvenile Collection and are stationary.

General rules and recommendations for using the display cases

  • The display case is to showcase materials and objects that you want all viewers to see. 
  • To enhance the promotion of your display, consider design and presentation. 
  • Use language that elevates the group or event being represented without being demeaning to other groups, events, individuals, or institutions.
    Promote civil, respectful discourse. 
  • Consider including a sign to let viewers know how to tag your display on social media. Include #meriamlibrary or @meriamlibrary as one of the tags. 
  • Include the name of the group that collaborated to create the display, prominently featured. 
  • Library employees can assist in the inclusion of library materials. Materials not allowed in the display include, but are not limited to: graphic content; electronics; food; living beings (plants or animals); marketing materials selling items or access to off-campus events.

Recommendations for inside the display case

  • Plexi stands and easels will be provided by the library, and are usually stored in MLIB 107. 
  • Please do not use  glue or permanent adhesives. 
  • Do not puncture the exhibit cases with staples or push pins. 
  • Cases should be maintained in the same condition from installation as deinstallation. 
  • Although the Wildcat Display cases have locks, the library is not responsible for loss or damage to displayed materials.

Associated costs

  • Collaborators are expected to provide their own objects and materials to place inside the display case.

Additional terms and conditions

  • Meriam Library is not responsible for any loss, damage, or theft of personal items used in the display. 
  • Meriam Library reserves the right to remove content from the display. Any removed items will be returned to collaborators. 
  • Collaborators must schedule the removal of their display materials when they coordinate their displays. Any materials left behind will be stored for no longer than one month. Any items left longer than one month may be discarded

Library Display Case Set up & Take Down

A library staff member will make an appointment with you for a mutually agreed upon date and time to set up the display. If you wish to include library resources, you can coordinate that with a library staff member prior to the appointment. At your appointment the titles you may have requested and the  display case materials (shelves, book holders) will be made available.
You will be expected to take down your display on the agreed upon date/time. You will need to remove any materials that the library did not provide, including any tape on the display and any promotional materials. Library staff will be responsible for all library materials, display case materials, and the case itself. 

Meriam Library reserves the right to discard any materials abandoned in the display cases.