Some Muss Some Fuss

The Library will be taking advantage of the relative quiet of the summer months to do some projects. This week we are doing a restoration/cleaning of the carpet on the first floor in the Laptop Lounge and the Student Computer Lab so these areas will be closed to the public. The Student Computer Lab annex on the fourth floor will be open and staffed. Additionally beginning this week we will be working on installing shelving in the new stacks to the right of the elevators on the third floor.

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Note: This service has been temporarily suspended. We are working to bring it back so stay tuned.

Welcome to the Spring 2010 semester

Welcome back! Or for those of you who are new to campus, just plain welcome! We hope you visit us often this semester, either in person or virtually. If there is anything you would like to see in the library, or services you feel should be provided and aren't, please feel free to use the Comments and Suggestions link off of our ReSEARCH Station page. We appreciate your feedback!

Yellow Tape

If you happen across areas cordoned off with yellow tape on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the library, be assured that you have not run across multiple crime scenes. We are removing stacks to add seating on the 2nd floor and adding stacks for more books on the 3rd floor. While the work is taking place there will be more noise than usual as well as some mess, so please accept our apologies. As soon as we are able to get the carpeting patched up and the stacks bolted down the tape will disappear.

Library Survey Results- LibQUAL+

Last spring the Meriam Library surveyed 4,792 students and faculty in order to measure users' perceptions and expectations of library service quality.  Three specific areas surveyed included Affect of Service, Information Control, and Library as Place.  The results are assisting in identifying areas of improvement in our services, collections, and facility.

Where To Pick Up Books You Have Requested Through Interlibrary Services

Beginning this semester, books ordered through Interlibrary Services will be available for pick up at the Circulation and Reserve Desk instead of in the Interlibrary Services office. This change allows you to pick up your books in the evening or on weekends, as well as during the 8:00-5:00 office hours, so we think you'll agree this is a better plan. You can return your books through any book drop. The staff in Interlibrary Services are still available to help you with problem requests and hope you come by now and then to say hello. Posted by Sarah Blakeslee

New Library ReSEARCH Station

Welcome to our new, improved, Library ReSEARCH Station. Using current best practice and user comments to help us in our redesign, the new ReSEARCH Station offers more intuitive navigation and additional services.
Some of the major changes are:

• The Periodicals List is gone. Use Search For/A Specific Journal Title instead. All our journals, both electronic and paper, are now searchable through the library catalog.

Now Where Did I Put the Reserve Desk?

If you have been in the library recently and felt a bit confused and lost, don't worry, it's not you it's us! We are in the process of making some major and minor changes to collection and service locations. All changes will be completed by the start of the fall semester, but if you have misplaced a collection, read on for where you might find it.

Reserve Desk - Reserve has moved in with Circulation and they now share the same office space and service desk.

Call For Proposals, Ellen Deering Endowment Fund

In the late 1970's, Ellen Deering established an endowment as a memorial to the C.E. Deering family. Her intent was to support research projects about the history of Northeastern California and the history of CSU, Chico, particularly the development and organization of the University Archives. Mrs. Deering required that copies of all projects funded from the Endowment be deposited in Meriam Library Special Collections.

Proposals or questions about the 2008/09 competition may be sent to:

Carolyn Dusenbury

Ellen Deering Endowment Project Director

Meriam Library