Faculty / Staff Circulation Policies

  • There is no limit to the number of books and nonprint items faculty and staff can check out.
  • Two reserve items may be checked out at one time.

Books checked out to faculty and staff are due on the faculty due one year from the date of checkout.

Renewing Items

  • Items may be renewed at the Circulation counter, an unlimited number of times.
  • Items upon which a recall or request has been placed may not be renewed.

Electronic Renewal

  • Items may be renewed electronically one time with the exception of items with recalls and/or requests and items that are overdue; i.e., items cannot be electronically renewed after the due date.
  • Items that have already been renewed electronically once must be brought to Circulation to be renewed again.

Overdue and Unreturned Items

  • Faculty and staff will be notified of overdue items.
  • Faculty and staff will be billed for unreturned items.
  • Faculty and staff circulation privileges will be blocked until overdue items have been returned, renewed, or paid for.
  • Faculty and staff circulation privileges will resume when the items have been returned, or payment of the balance has been remitted to the library, or the full amount due has been recovered through tax offset.
  • Faculty and staff accounts for unreturned items will be submitted to the State Franchise Tax Board for recovery through offsetting state income tax refunds.

Requests and Recalled Items

Faculty and staff may place a resource sharing (interlibrary loan) request on an item currently out to another borrower.
The library will notify the faculty or staff when the item has been received from another library.

Faculty or staff in possession of a recalled item should return the item immediately, but no later than the recall due date noted on the recall request.
The recall due date will not decrease the loan period of the recalled item to fewer than 21 days from the time of checkout. A $20.00 nonrefundable recall fine and a bill for replacement cost of the item will be assessed for an overdue recalled item. Faculty and staff circulation privileges will be blocked until the recall fine has been paid and the item has been returned or paid for, and the recall fine has been paid. Faculty accounts for unreturned items and recall fines will be submitted to the State Franchise Tax Board for recovery through offsetting state income tax refunds.

Authorizing a Student to Check Out in Your Name (Faculty Only)

Faculty may designate a student to check out items for use by the faculty member. The student must be currently registered and currently eligible for circulation privileges at CSU, Chico. The items will be charged to the faculty member's circulation account, and the faculty member assumes full responsibility for the care and return of these items. To authorize a proxy borrower, the faculty member must make the request in person to a staff member at the Circulation counter. (S)he must provide the requested proxy borrowers name, CSU ID number and barcode.


The authorization will be valid for the academic year, including the summer, or at the faculty member's request, for a period shorter than the academic year. The authorization terminates immediately should the designated student's status as currently registered be discontinued.

Item Check Out

The designated student should present the items requested by the faculty member to Circulation and inform staff that (s)he is a proxy borrower for the faculty member.

Due Dates

Items charged to the faculty member's account will be due on the date indicated.


Items are subject to normal recall procedures should they be requested for reserve.

Normal Loan Policies

All other regular loan periods and policies apply to faculty and staff. See the checkout and renew page for more information.