Give Feedback on our Textbooks Program

With funding from a Student Learning Fee grant, the library has obtained textbooks for courses that meet all of the following criteria:

  • Enrollment of 100 or more.
  • Drop/Fail/Withdraw rate of 10% or more.
  • In consultation with faculty.

The textbooks will be available for 24-hour checkout from the Reserve Desk on the first floor.

Please bring your campus ID along with the course name or textbook title.

Books provided for by this Student Learning Fee grant can be found with other course materials in Course Reserve.

Textbooks available for checkout
Course Title Instructor
AGRI 305 Genetics Smith
AGRI 331 Agroecology Dykes
ANTH 333 Collapse Yeager
BIOL 345 Biology of Humans Kirn
CHEM 370 Organic Chemistry as a Second Language Korovina
CHEM 270/370 Organic Chemsitry Arpin
CIVL 311 Mechanix of Materials DeBock
ECON 103 Microeconomics Madonia
ECON 103 Microeconomics Stone
ECON 103 Microeconomics Thamarapani
ECON 301 Microeconomics: a very short intro Shahnawaz
EDTE 255 Teach Schreder
EDTE 265 Teach Aguialar-McKay
EECE 144 Digital Design Mamalakis
EECE 237 Embedded Systems (ARM controllers) Mamalakis
ENGL 470 How Languages are Learned Palmer
ENGL 471 Intro 2nd Lang acquisition Trechter
ENGL 471 Contemporary Linguistics Trechter
ENGL 471 Language Files Yip
ENGL 471 How English Works Wright
GEOG 102 Contemporary Human Geography Lazarus
GEOG 102 Goode's World Atlas Lazarus
GEOG 102 The Power of Place Brady
GEOG 352 A Regional Geography of the US Stewart
HIST 130 American Yawp Vol 1 Pedeva
HIST 130 American Yawp Vol 2 Pedeva
HIST 341 Down to Earth Sistrunk
HIST 341 Silent Spring Sistrunk
KINE 323 Exercise Physiology Perkins
MATH 260 Elementary Differential Equations Rosenhaus
PHIL 102 An Intro to Critical Thinking Wong
PHIL 102 Think with Socrates Pluth
PHIL 102 Logically Speaking Smith
PHIL 102 Critical Thinking Peldo
PHIL 327W Fundamentals of Ethics Jollimore
PHIL 327W Bioethics Boxall
PHYS 100 Conceptual Integrated Science Klein
PHYS 100 Rare Earth Klein
PHYS 202 College Physics Lin
PHYS 100 The View from the Center of the Earth Klein
PSYC 100 Critical Thinking Fry
PSYC 261 Methods in Behavioral Research Cook
PSYC 261 Research Methods in Psychology Hibbard
PSYC 382 Personality Schachner
PSYC 466 Intro to Learning and Behavior Johnson
RELS 332 Palestine Pike
SOCI 310 Real Research Lindsey
SOCI 315 Answering Questions w/ Stats Armeanu
SOCI 315 Adventures in Social Research Lindsey
SOCI 420 20 Lessons in Environmental Sociology Janos
SOSC 301 Intro to Geography Herman
SWRK 170 Intro to Social Work Ornelas