Though the environment is a bit different than usual, librarians at Meriam Library want our campus partners to know that we are prepared and committed to continue serving the Chico State community. To ensure our students have a continuous and successful online learning experience, we’re providing many of our traditional services online, as well as new opportunities for students to interact with a librarian for research assistance, class and group instruction, or for individual assistance.

Many of the services you can expect Meriam Library to continue offering may sound familiar:

Additionally, understanding that the learning curve for library research is already a source of intimidation to many students, librarians are currently creating a series of short and useful videos for you to embed in your courses online. We will collect those videos on YouTube.

Research Instruction from a Librarian is STILL Being Offered!

If you would like a librarian to provide instruction to your class, please fill out the Schedule an Instruction Session form as usual. 

The librarian for your subject area will get in touch with you to discuss your class needs, your assignment or learning goals, and how we can best assist students with their research and information literacy needs.  Some of the ways librarians can provide instruction include synchronous, asynchronous, and recorded instruction for your classes, Zoom meetings for students in small groups, individual student meetings on Zoom or by phone, digital handouts, and short tutorial videos.

More About What’s Happening at Meriam Library and additional resources:

For the most up-to-date information about the library and its service, please continue to visit

Guides regarding Covid -19 and additional resources: 


Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have questions about any of the information above, or want to talk with your Subject Librarian.