Paula Scholtes has worked at Meriam Library for a total of 35 years, including as a student employee. In her current role as cataloger in the Library’s ACME (Acquisitions, Collection Management and Evaluation) department, she processes incoming books, entering them into our system, so they can be checked out by patrons. In other words, hundreds of new books cross Paula’s desk each month!

People say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face it—it’s hard not to be intrigued by some of these covers. It’s almost like they are begging you to pick them! And no one at Meriam Library sees more interesting covers than Paula, so each month we will be featuring Paula’s pick. Check them out!

Pick 1:

  • Title: Tough love: my story of the things worth fighting for
  • Author: Susan E. Rice
  • OneSearch Record Link (it's an e-book!)
  • Why Paula Picked It: I chose it because at the time she was one of the VP potential candidates for the upcoming election. Check out this link for a news story.

Pick 2:

  • Title: Days of Distraction 
  • Author: Alexandra Chang
  • OneSearch Record Link (if you prefer print!)
  • Why Paula Picked It: I chose the book based on the title, which kind of feels like days of the pandemic, but it sounds intriguing also:  a woman navigating life, jobs, identity & relationships.

For information on requesting books and contactless pick-up, check out our guide:

Photos from Harper Collins and Vanity Fair.