Publishers and vendors have generously opened their content packages to CSU for free and limited amounts of time so that CSU Chico faculty, staff, and students have access to additional electronic research and teaching content at this time. The Meriam Library has been working with the Chancellor’s Office to set up this new content, much of which is full-text. The new resources are listed on a guide on the library’s webpage:

Of particular interest are resources to support STEM through Jove Science Education videos and IEEE for additional engineering teaching modules, additional ebook access from several vendors including ProjectMuse, Proquest, Ebsco, and MIT Press, Bloomsbury has opened all of their collections to support the Humanities and Arts. The library is continuing to set up new resources as they are offered and expect to have resources from JSTOR, Hein Online, and World Scientific set up soon. Many of these resources include instructional videos as well as printed material which will be particularly useful as we move to an online environment.

Update June 2, 2020: Several of these offers have expired and may no longer be available. Please check the guide for up to date access.