1. Please supply a hot water dispenser.  I can’t make tea when the BMU is closed.  We’ve had a few requests for a hot water dispenser and we’re looking into options to provide this soon.
  2. More outlets spread throughout the desks!!  We are replacing tables with “powered” tables as funds become available.  In the last few years, we’ve replaced all of the tables on 4th Floor and nearly half of the tables on 2nd Floor.  Our goal is for nearly every table in the library to have easy access to an outlet.
  3. The table set up on the 2nd floor during finals w/things to help us study or relax was seet & helpful.  Some of us are not around family so it was great to know someone cares.  Thank you for the kind comment. We are so glad that we could bring a little cheer to students during finals. This semester we will again have the De-Stress table set up with coloring pages, candy, stickers, study supplies, and more. Please stop by the table between May 19-20 and 23-26. And remember the librarians are here to help!
  4. Get VGA-HDMI adapters for PCs/laptops other than Apple products. Thank-you for the suggestion.  We’ll consider purchasing a few additional cables/adapters.

Black and white photo outside Meriam Library

April 27, 2016

  1. More silence enforcement on the 3rd floor!!  The library routinely has student employees walking the 3rd Floor and making sure that everyone is following the “silent study” policies.  However, we can’t be everywhere at once and many times we don’t know that there is a noise issue unless someone tells us.  Please inform library staff if you encounter any problems and we’ll be happy to help resolve them
  2. More water stations.  New hydration stations are currently being installed on all floors.  Facilities Management & Services expects the new fountains to be installed and functional before the end of the semester.


 Image taken from the CSU Chico Digital Collections -- Northeastern California Historical Photograph Collection