Last spring the Meriam Library surveyed 4,792 students and faculty in order to measure users' perceptions and expectations of library service quality.  Three specific areas surveyed included Affect of Service, Information Control, and Library as Place.  The results are assisting in identifying areas of improvement in our services, collections, and facility.

Undergraduate students indicated that the library needs to improve as a place that is comfortable, encourages study and learning, and has space for group study.  Additionally, noise and the need for more laptop plug-ins were also mentioned.  Undergraduate students also noted that employees were helpful and cared about patron's questions.

Graduate students also indicated the library could improve as a place that inspires study and learning.  Journal collections were also noted as an area that graduate students would like to be improved on.  Receiving individual attention and employee knowledge were highly rated by graduate students.

Faculty were most concerned with the collections, specifically printed library materials, journals, and DVD collections; all of these areas were indicated as areas of improvement for the library.  Library employees were noted highly as being courteous and dealing with patrons in a caring fashion.