Meriam Library is pleased to announce the opening of our new Interactive Technology Spaces. The rooms are located on the east side of 2nd Floor, near the beginning of the periodicals collection. They provide a private place for students to collaborate with others using a giant shared computer screen, work on creative design projects, and eventually rehearse for presentations or speeches.

The Collaborative Technology Space features a 70" AQUOS BOARD with a touchscreen Windows display and digital whiteboard software.

The Creative Media Space features a PC with the full line of Adobe Creative Suite products, AutoDesk CAD and Maya, and Camtasia to name a few of the applications; two 24” monitors, webcam, studio quality microphone and headphones. It's a great place for students to take courses on one monitor while experimenting with the software on the second monitor.

And watch in the coming months as we prepare to open the Presentation Practice Space, which will be a small mock classroom where students can practice giving speeches and presentations using much of the same equipment as the smart classrooms on campus.

The rooms are available by reservation only, using the links below or the reservation station just outside the rooms.

For more information, see our Interactive Technology Spaces FAQ and then make your reservation here! posted by Library Building Management