Under consideration as a replacement for some other business databases, IBISWorld has a reputation as a premier business information provider and is available in academic libraries and corporations all over the world.  The subscription offers high-quality Industry Market Research Reports, Business Environment and Economic Reports, Company Reports, including coverage of China and Global markets.

Significantly, IBISWorld analyzes virtually every product, service, and sector of the economy --- from Amusement Park Management to Environmental Consulting to Milk Production. These reports will be used by students taking courses and planning careers in entrepreneurship, marketing, finance, operations management, agriculture, geography, construction management, engineering, recreation, music industry, and nursing.

IBISWorld’s Strengths:

  • The largest collection of Industry Reports in the US
  • Over 700 NAICS codes covered
  • True industry analysis, not simply aggregated company financial data
  • Researching at a finer level of detail; e.g. 26 food manufacturing industries
  • Being the only available source of Industry Research for many industries
  • Analysis of business environment, economics, labor force, natural resources, commodities & prices, company performance
  • Global coverage, including China
  • Updating more frequently; 50% of our reports are updated 3 or more times a year
  • Every 35-page Industry Report contains 9-chapters with 34 granules (sub-chapters)
  • ISO 9001 Quality Certified

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