The Library recently installed a few suggestion boxes around the building and your suggestions have been rolling in!  Thank you.  Below are responses to the most recent suggestions.  Please check back here for future responses.


  1.  Put a charging station on the 3rd floor!  Please!  We are extremely pleased at how popular the charging stations have become, and we are looking at new products to purchase.  We definitely hope to have a new charging station on 3rd Floor in the very near future.
  2.  More vending machines that actually work. The one on the 4th floor works 50% of the time.  The vending machines in the library are hugely popular and are among the most used machines on campus, if not in all of Chico.  They are re-stocked and maintained regularly and the vendor has advised that the issue has more to do with the amount of use the machines get than with the reliability of the technology.  Library staff regularly call the vendor when issues arrive, but you are welcome to as well, especially if you need to request a refund.  Look for the sticker and phone number on the front of the machine.  Thanks!
  3.  Longer charging cords!  That’s a great idea!  We’ll pass this suggestion on to our charging station vendor, and will ask that they provide longer cables in the future if possible.

April 20, 2016

  1.  Less money on furniture & more on carpet. Please see previous answer about the carpet.  Our primary goal with furniture replacement has been to provide furniture with integrated power outlets, so that students don’t need to leave their study spaces to plug in and charge their devices.  Sometimes it’s easier to fund small furniture purchases than a large project like carpet replacement, but we consider both priorities and are working toward upgrading all facets of the building.
  2. iPhone 5 & 6 charger doesn’t work on the 4th floor.  Both of the iPhone lightning cables have been now been replaced. Thank-you for letting us know!

April 19, 2016

  1. How about new carpet on the 3rd floor? Duct tape really? Aren’t we a Division II college?  How tacky!  The duct tape is equal parts amusing and tacky, we’re with you on that.  Replacing the carpet in several areas, most notably the 3rd Floor, is high on our list of priorities.  We are currently exploring options to fund this and other projects.

April 18, 2016

  1. Update bathrooms & add a filter fountain to load up on water.  We agree that the bathrooms could use a complete renovation and that is certainly in our long range plans.  In the meantime, Facilities Management and Services continues to make small upgrades as funding becomes available, such as the recent installation of touchless towel and soap dispensers in all of the restrooms.  And thanks to an Associated Students Sustainability Fund award, new “hydration stations” to fill up water bottles are about to be installed near the west side restrooms on all floors! Work will begin within the next few days and should be completed by the end of the semester.
  2. Occasional free finger food.  In the past, the library has indeed provided snacks such as cookies and drinks in The Grove during exams.  We love the idea and will consider how we can provide this service again in the future.  Later this semester there will be a “De-stressing” table on the 2nd Floor providing some fun diversions and candy.