Improving Library Spaces: Carpeting, Lighting, and HVAC

The Meriam Library will be getting a refresh during Spring and Summer 2022.  The upcoming refresh of Meriam Library is a commitment to better serve the students of Chico State. While the library provides critical expertise and resources to the Chico community, our facilities need to provide spaces in which students are able to collaborate and flourish.

Furniture delivery April 11-15: 2nd and 3rd Closed

To accommodate all of the updates, the furniture needed to be installed as soon as it was available, which was is April 11-15. We also needed to have the furniture delivered by April 30 to fund this project. It was funded by Federal grant money due to Covid.

The 1st floor Grove and Research Commons will be open regular hours. Additional study areas on campus include:


·BMU 2nd floor


·HFA 2nd floor lounge

·Science Building lounges


Thank you for your patience and we look forward to seeing you once the new furniture is ready to use, we apologize for the inconvenience.





Q & A

Q: Who can enter the 4th floor after March 14, 2022?

A:  Due to the nature of the construction, only those working on the construction project may enter the floor.


Q: Where can I study?

A: From March 14 - May 23, 2022 the floors 1-3 of the library will be available (excluding April 11-15, 2022).

  • Floors 1-3 of the Meriam Library group study (2nd), quiet study (3rd), study rooms (2nd & 3rd), computers (1st and 2nd)
  • BMU 2nd floor
  • Sylvester's
  • HFA 2nd floor lounge
  • Science Building lounges


Q: Why now?

A: We received a grant and state deferred maintenance this year which is covering most of this construction. We are anticipating more students to be back campus in Fall 2022, the goal is to have all work completed for the Fall 2022 school year. Since the lighting project will take 5 months, summer would not be enough time to complete the work without disrupting the semester.


Q: The building will be closed in the summer too?

A: Yes, after graduation the carpet project will begin on the lower floors. This is expected to take all summer.


Q: What if I need a book or other item from the library?

A: From March - August, 4th floor materials will be requested through InterLibrary Services (ILS). Items from 2nd and 3rd will need to be requested through InterLibrary Services from May 23-August. OneSearch will be set up to directly request items through ILS.


Q: What if I need help?

A: Reference help and Librarians are available all summer to help you! Please Ask-A-Librarian if you have any questions about research, requesting, or using any of our resources.


Q: Are there other virtual services?

A: Besides research help, all library staff are available while the floors are closed. Circulation will have door and locker pickup, Library Administration will be available elsewhere in the library and Library Collection Management will continue to order and receive new books and items. All of our electronic resources are available off campus: Databases A-Z.


Q: One week closure April 11-15? Why?

A: We received Federal HEERF money to update library furniture. We are going to be removing the older items and replacing them during this week. This is a large project which will monopolize the space and elevators in the library. We are unable to have patrons in the library to efficiently remove and replace furniture.


Q: Will Special Collections be open?

A: Special Collections (SPC) will be be unable to schedule in-person appointments April 11-15, 2022, however, they may be able to provide virtual services during this week. In the Summer (Starting May 23), SPC will be unaccessable for most of the summer.  For inquiries contact to inquire about the collection.


Q: What about other campus offices in the library?

A: Offices on the 4th floor will move in March. The Office of Faculty Development has temporarily relocated to Tehama 261 and The Rose Garden Room in MLIB 459 is temporarily closed. Technology & Learning Program (TLP) is available virtually on Zoom and via email, please see their website for more information or reach out to The 2nd and 3rd floor offices, Information Resources (IRES), Honors Program, and First Year Experience (FYE) are still working out their summer locations.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Please contact us. We are working through all contingencies, but we may have missed something. Please let us know if you have areas of concern or additional questions.


Library Adminstration x3019

All Library Units