Subject Book Chair Campus Zip Name
Liberal Studies Irene Korber
Nutrition & Food Science Maria Giovanni 002 Patrick Newell
Accounting Kathryn Mercurio 051 Sarah Blakeslee
Finance Kathryn Mercurio 051 Sarah Blakeslee
Management Kathryn Mercurio 051 Sarah Blakeslee
Business Information Systems Kathryn Mercurio 051 Sarah Blakeslee
Marketing Kathryn Mercurio 051 Sarah Blakeslee
Undergraduate Education Jason Nice 128 William Cuthbertson
Nursing Miriam Walter 200 Marc Langston
Physics Paul Arpin 202 Patrick Newell
Geological & Environmental Sciences Shane Mayor 205 Patrick Newell
Chemistry and Biochemistry Lisa Kendhammer 210 Patrick Newell
Child Development Lindsey Nenadal 220 Pamela Nett Kruger
Education John Mouanoutoua 222 Irene Korber
Psychology Donna Kreskey 234 Pamela Nett Kruger
Construction Management Patrick Brittle 305 Sarah Blakeslee
Agriculture Logan Smith 310 Patrick Newell
Kinesiology Feng He 330 Irene Korber
Communication Arts & Sciences Michelle Givertz 350 Marc Langston
Anthropology Ashley Kendell 400 Pamela Nett Kruger
Computer Science Kevin Buffardi 410 Sarah Blakeslee
Multicultural & Gender Studies Claudia Garriaga-Lopez 420 Pamela Nett Kruger
Geography Scott Brady 425 William Cuthbertson
Sociology Dana Williams 445 William Cuthbertson
Political Science & Criminal Justice Sarah Smith 455 William Cuthbertson
Social Science Programs Heather Werner 475 William Cuthbertson
Media Arts, Design, & Technology Nanhee Kim 504 Marc Langston
Public Health & Health Services Admin Christine Leistner 505 Marc Langston
Biological Sciences Chris Ivey 515 Patrick Newell
Mathematics & Statistics Edward Roualdes 525 Marc Langston
Science Education Anne Stephens 535 Irene Korber
Social Work Patrick Borel 550 William Cuthbertson
Recreation, Hospitality & Parks Management Jesse Engebreston 560 Irene Korber
Journalism & Public Relations Stephen Caldes 600 Marc Langston
Philosophy Wai Hung Wong 730 George Thompson
History Sinwoo Lee 735 George Thompson
Comparative Religion & Humanities Jason Clower 740 George Thompson
Mechanical & Mechatronic Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing Jeremy Fishel 789 Sarah Blakeslee
Music & Theatre Hope Munro 805 George Thompson
Art and Art History Rebecca Feldstein 820 George Thompson
International Languages, Literatures & Culture Friederike Fichtner 825 George Thompson
English Corey Sparks 830 George Thompson
Electrical & Computer Engineering Zahrasadat Alavi 888 Sarah Blakeslee
Civil Engineering Dingxin Cheng 930 Sarah Blakeslee